The 9th Quantum Science (QS) symposium

The 9th Quantum Science (QS) symposium
-The Main Symposium of ICCMSE 2022
-Computational Chemistry and Computational Physics
23 – 26 May
Galaxy Hotel, Crete, GREECE

The sessions of 9th QS symposium will take place not only in May but also in September (as a part of ICNAAM 2023, 11-17 September) 

May – Only Physical Participation.

September – Physical and Virtual Participations
*Virtual presentation: ZOOM or Prerecording Video


  • Computational Chemistry, Computational Physics, Theoretical Physics
  • Experimental research related to Quantum Science:
  • Materials Science; Biological Science; Chemical Reaction
  • Mathematical Chemistry and Physics, Computational Method Development

“AIP conference proceedings will be published as the special volume of ICCMSE 2023”