Preparation of the Extended Abstracts

Requirements in order for an accepted paper to be included in the AIP Conference Proceedings of ICCMSE 2023:

  • Submission of the Source Files of the accepted papers (.doc OR .tex + .eps for figures)
  • Submission for each accepted paper of the signed AIP Copyright Transfer Agreement (use the e-mail: )
  • Submission of the bank transaction receipt of the payment of the fees OR submission of the registration form for credit cards.
  • The participants of ICCMSE 2023 must complete the present Submission Form and send it to the e-mail mentioned inside (this is a required option for the participation in ICCMSE 2023). Please DO NOT use FAX

Procedure for the submission of a paper for the Proceedings of ICCMSE 2023:

  1. The author must send a completed submission form to the e-mail address: , , ).  The submission form can be found here. This is a required option for your participation in ICCMSE 2023.
  2. The author must prepare his/her short paper-extended abstract according to the instructions mentioned above, by using the template files or LaTeX style files given below. The length of the short paper- extended abstract must be of 3-4 pages.
  3. The author must send his/her paper for review to the e-mail address: , ), .
  4. After the review (by at least two independent reviewers), a revision and a final version of the paper must be provided. The material, should be sent to the e-mail address: , , . PLEASE DO NOT SEND A FAX

Guidelines for the preparation of a paper for the Proceedings of ICCMSE 2023:

  1. The .doc template files and users guide can be downloaded HERE.
  2. LaTeX guidelines and style files can be downloaded HERE.
    ATTENTION. If you are experiencing problems with the aip-cp 2017 template please see this troubleshooting guide.
    Otherwise you can find the older version of template (aip-cp 2015) HERE
  3. General Guidelines, template and style files can be found here

Checklist to be used before sending camera ready papers for the Proceedings of ICCMSE 2023:


Only electronic submission of abstracts will be accepted and only electronic acceptance or rejection of abstracts will be sent.
For all the papers, the authors must check the above checklist.
If some points of the above checklist have not been verified, then your paper may be rejected for presentation and/or publication in the Proceedings of ICCMSE.

Attention: If a participant wishes to send a paper to a Symposium (see here),  he must use the e-mail address(es) of the organizer(s) of the specific Symposium.