The Accommodation of the Attendees of ICCMSE 2021 must be Arranged through the Accommodation Form:

Please download the accommodation form from here:

and then complete it and send it to the fax of the Secretary of ICCMSE 2021: +35726952052 (new fax nr.) or (preferably) to the e-mail:  with a carbon copy to

Guidelines for Booking your Accommodation

  1. Download the accommodation form.
  2. Please complete carefully the accommodation form. You have also complete the Payment part of the form. Also please read carefully the Cancellation Policy mentioned in the form.
  3. Please send the Accommodation Form to the Secretary of ICCMSE with a carbon copy to and

  4. Your accommodation is NOT valid until you  will be informed by the Hotel or the Secretary of ICCMSE that the charge of your credit card was successful.

ATTENTION. The participants must arrange their accommodation ONLY via sending the accommodation form to the Secretary of ICCMSE2021 with a carbon copy to and  

We announce that other companies (such as Business Travel Management, e.t.c.) are not related to ICCMSE 2021 and may try to use scam methods.

Participants who will book their room through other travel companies and not via sending the accommodation form to the Secretary of ICCMSE2021 will loose the benefits provided by the conference. (Conference Dinner free entry, e.t.c.).

Attention: Please read carefully the cancellation policy for the Accommodation