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  • Remarks until 16/04/2019
  • We haven't included in the General Session the papers for which the participants haven't paid until today their fees.



ATTENTION. The participants must book their rooms as soon as possible in order to avoid any inconvenience. There is limited availability of rooms at that time in Sheraton Rhodes Resort due to Easter Holidays.

Sheraton Rhodes Resort ICCMSE 2019 - Accomodation Link (Click Here)

We announce that other company such as BTM is not related to ICCMSE 2019.  We guess that the company sent registration form, referring to list of speakers.


  • AIP Conference Proceedings of ICCMSE 2018 are published in the Volume CP 2040 of the AIP Conference Proceedings


  • The AIP Conference Proceedings of ICCMSE 2017 (Volume 1906)  was accepted to be included in the Conference Proceedings Citation Index (CPCI) of Web of Science.

  • AIP Conference Proceedings of ICCMSE 2017 are published in the Volume CP 1906 of the AIP Conference Proceedings.

  • The AIP Conference Proceedings of ICCMSE 2016 (Volume 1790)  was accepted, since December 2016, to be included in the Conference Proceedings Citation Index (CPCI) of Web of Science
  • We are happy to announce that the AIP has published the Conference Proceedings of ICCMSE 2016 and are now Online at the AIP Conference Proceedings site: You can find them here http://aip.scitation.org/toc/apc/1790/1?expanded=1790
  • It is a policy of ICCMSE not to publish papers in the AIP Conference Proceedings of ICCMSE, without payment of the fees.



Sheraton Hotel, Rhodes





  • You can register and book your room here. See at the bottom of the page for guidelines for the requested steps for a successful registration.
  • Promoting the work of young scientists. Four prizes will be awarded to graduate students or scientists with a recently completed PhD, in the areas Computational Methods in Sciences Engineering. See more here.



Prof. Dr. Paul Mezey(link is external)
Canada Research Chair in Scientific Modelling and Simulation
Department of Chemistry
Memorial University of Newfoundland
St. John's, NL A1B 3X7 CANADA




The aim of ICCMSE 2019 is to bring together computational scientists and engineers from several disciplines in order to share methods, methologies and ideas and to attract original research papers of very high quality.

With cooperation of

European Society of Computational Methods in Sciences and Engineering (ESCMCE)